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Dog Groomers McKinney TX provides mobile dog grooming service at your location, and We help you to find the perfect dog grooming service by matching your issues with our carefully selected expert of dog groomers. Our aim is to deliver the complete solution of quality full dog grooming service to you at a minimum cost.

Our Dog Grooming Styles

Our grooming services are exclusively designed for both pamper your dog and promote their overall health condition. Because dog grooming and bathing are very much essential to keeping your dog healthy. Dog grooming mckinney tx is proud to offer all of your grooming needs performed by our professional groomers.


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Hair Cutting


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Dog Cleaning


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Dog Shaving

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We are the #1 Mobile Dog Groomers near you, and here you will get the best dog grooming service at an affordable cost. We offer professional dog bathing, stylish trimming, eye & ear cleaning, haircutting, the anal grand expression for all breeds and we groom according to your instructions. You will get 100% satisfactory services with a free consultation.


Safe & Trust

Our service is one of the best dog grooming services in your town. We provide complete attention to our services, and our main aim is to ensure the safety of your pet.


Excellent Service

We have a high success rate of clients according to our experiences and professionalism in dog grooming. Our professional dog groomers are the best of dog grooming, and they will thoroughly satisfy you.



It is our sole duty to ensure you that the flexible dog grooming service to you. Every puppy is very special to us, and we always try to provide our best. When we groom the dog, our priority is to cover the pet’s comfort.

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Free Consultation

We provide free consultation service until our birth; we provide proper guidelines according to the dog’s situation.

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Happiness Guarantee

To provide the 100% happiness of your dogs is our one of the prime objective and our dog grooming arrangement is decorated with professionally.


Reasonable Price

In Pet grooming McKinney TX, you will never be charged high or excessive rates of the grooming services. Quality full services are provided in minimum prices so, do not overthink about our price list.

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    Dog Grooming McKinney TX



    Our prime objective is to find a professional and trusted dog grooming vendor or services in McKinney TX for you based on your dog’s condition. Dog grooming is one of the sensitive services, and it should be fully observed. 

    Our goal is to ensure you connect with a suitable and professional dog grooming service that has an abundance of knowledge and experience in dealing with your dog grooming.

    We have connected all the related professionals of dog grooming services that are well in technical skills of pet grooming and fully dedicated to handling any situation of pet grooming. They are not only grooming pets on their firm, but they serve in mobile pet grooming services, especially dog grooming service, so you need not think about your beloved puppy.



    Mobile pet grooming, especially dog grooming has some advantages and disadvantages, but it entirely depends on you and your pet and budgets. So let’s get to star. 



    Mobile pet grooming is very suitable and very time-consuming. The groomer comes at your home, and he or she takes the whole responsibility of the proper grooming of your pet.

    So it will be very to you that you do not need to worry about taking them to the salon. It gets your car clean, and your pets stay less stressed, and you have one less errand to worry about running that day.

    Same Groomer:

    Most of the time in mobile grooming, the groomer remains the same. For that reason, your dog and you too can take comfort in the familiarity of having the same dog groomer. Being the same groomer, you can entirely rely on him or her.

    Saves Time:

    One of the significant pros of mobile dog grooming is time-saving. It can save your 3 – 4 hours.

    Modern Devices:

    Mobile dog groomers use a high-velocity dryer to help speed along the grooming process. It confirms the clean process more accelerate and hygiene.

    One-on-One Attention:

    Mobile dog grooming is one to one attention processes, and it makes the grooming process more active and perfect. There are no other pets that disturb the whole grooming process.



    The cost of mobile dog grooming is one of the burning issues. Mobile dog grooming cost depends on some of the factors like location, dog breed, and size. Dog groomer takes its payments hourly basis and packages basis.

    Limited Schedule:

    A mobile dog groomer has very limited time, and most of the time, a groomer operates his or her business personally. So he or she cannot manage the exact time.

    Technical Fixes:

    Some time the grooming process can be canceled due to technical problems like a flat tire, broken down engine, or faulty generator. A groomer entirely depends on the machines to keep their operation more comfortable and time-saving. So it is one of the cons of mobile dog grooming that hamper the grooming process.

    Finally, mobile dog grooming is very convenient if you can manage your budget for your beloved puppy. We not only suggest your mobile pet groomer as a convenient but also for the safety and hygiene issue of your dog.


    Dog Groomers in Mckinney

    Q & A

    Q1. What is included in a dog grooming?

    A: We generally know that dog grooming is only a matter of dog bathing, but it is not true. A proper dog grooming covers up all the aspects of cleanliness and hygiene of a dog.

    Dog grooming can include body cleaning, tooth brushing, eye & ear cleaning, nail trimming & clipping, and anal gland expression.

    In most cases, dog grooming fully depends on the breed of a dog. Breed like Shepherds and Shih Tzus have thick coats and some dogs with heavy coats like American Eskimo, Australian Shepherd, and Beagle. Both breeds of dogs need very proper dog grooming services.

    Q2. What is a dog groomer?

    A: Dog groomers are service-based professionals who provide dog grooming service with fully hygienic care.

    Most of the groomers are dog lovers and know a wide range of dog breeds, coats, and temperaments. They know the safety rules, dog bathing, clipping nails, fur cleaning, body shaving, brushing teeth correctly, ear and eye cleaning, anal grand expression, and health check-up,

    Worldwide this profession is going to famous, and it has enormous career options like veterinary firm or instructor, doggy daycare center, doggy daycare center, and more.

    Q3. What vaccines do dogs need to be groomed?

    A: Vaccines are a significant issue before grooming a dog, and you should regularly update on the vaccines before taking to the groomers.

    Vaccines keep your dog healthy and free from various viruses. The exact vaccinations your dog needs may vary according to the condition of your dog and the groomers. These are the vaccinations that are generally required for dog grooming:

    Bordetella (also known as “kennel cough”) is one of the vaccines most commonly required by groomers. Kennel cough is highly contagious.

    Some more additional vaccines are recommended depending on your geographic location, as disease prevalence varies by area.
    • Canine distemper virus
    • Canine parainfluenza
    • Canine adenovirus
    • Canine parvovirus
    • Rabies

    Therefore, your veterinarian will ask you a series of questions to determine which vaccines should be considered to keep your pet healthy.
    In addition to kennel cough, some commonly-discussed additional vaccines are those for Leptospirosis and Lyme disease.

    Discuss your dog’s natural health condition with your veterinarian, so he or she can accurately assess the risk of exposure to these infections.

    Q4. How much does it cost to get a dog’s nails trimmed? 

    A: If you want perfect dog grooming, then nail trimming is essential along with dog bathing and haircutting.

    Dog grooming costs can be varied due to Well-clipped nails. When nails get too long, they have the potential to break or split, which can cause them pain, and it will create a skin disease of your dog.

    The cost of nail trimming of a dog can vary based on locations, size, and breeds of a dog. The standard cost range will be $10 and $30, and Nail grinding may cost $2-$8 more than standard clipping.

    If you have a discount coupon by your dog groomer, then it will reduce your cost, and one thing you should remember that a professional dog groomer will charge more, but their service will be very satisfying.

    Q5. How much does it cost for a mobile dog groomer?

    A: The mobile dog grooming service is very comfortable and exciting. It saves you valuable time and the cost of transportation. You will get all of the services like bathing, nail trimming, brushing, and eye & ere cleaning and hair cutting of your dogs. 

    The prices depend on some factors like location, breeds, and size of your dog. The average mobile dog grooming prices range $60-$120

    Nail trimming $10-$20, Ear cleaning: $15, Anal gland expression: $15 – $25, Bath: $20-$40, Haircut: $30 – $40

    Services bundled: $60-$140, and if you have a coupon, you will get the discount.

    Q6. What is The Best Timing of A Dog Grooming?

    A: Every 3-6 weeks, Basically, it entirely depends on your breed. 

    How Do We Work?

    Our working system is immaculate, and we always priority first our client’s wish. We first take online bookings to our clients. It is very simple and easy, then we scheduling. After completing the scheduling, we start grooming.



    Booking is the first process and it is very easy. In this process we connect with you in your issue. Fill the form simply, our team will contact you as early as possible. 



    After the complete booking, we start to schedule our program to your time and in this situation our groomer will contact you in your preferred method for detailing about the services. 


    Start Grooming

    After completing the first and second phase, Our professional groomer team start the grooming process at your preferred location. So you do not over think about the service.

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