dog grooming prices for Mckinney tx

A nice, clean, and beautiful dog is a charming thing for many pet lovers. If you have a pet dog, then probably you know about dog grooming. But do you have some idea about the cost of dog grooming? Of course, dog grooming prices are an essential factor in selecting the groomer. 

Many people like to know about pricing at first before they decide to hire a groomer. Whether a grooming shop or mobile groomer, you must choose which is financially convenient for you. But groomers tend not to disclose the price before observing the pet. They have logical reasons for this action.

But it will be helpful to estimate if you have a grooming cost guideline on your hand. To help you, our experts prepare a grooming services price list. With the help of this price list, you can estimate and arrange the necessary money for grooming your lovely pet. We hope you will enjoy 🙂

About Dog Grooming Prices

Groomers determine the price based on selected services, size, and breed. Some groomers take charge on an hourly basis and some take charge on a package basis. 

1. Price list based on Services:

Here is an overall price list based on the service category, the price will vary according to your dog’s condition. If you want to get the free quote about your dog’s grooming then contact us now.



Dog Bathing


Teeth Brushing


Nail trimming


Hair Cut


Ear Cleaning


Eye Cleaning


Health Checkup


Dog Shaver


Bottom Fur Trim


Four Paws Groom


Gland Expression


Additional Services (Nail polish, de-matting, manicure-pedicure, blueberry facial)



2. Price List based on Size and Weight:

Size is an essential factor for price calculation. These are the average prices many groomers consider for the specific size and weight.

Size and Weight


Small size (less than 20lbs)


Medium size (20lbs-60lbs)


Large size (60lbs-100lbs)


X-Large (more than 100lbs)



3. Price list based on Breed:

Every breed has a unique method of care. Groomers are experts in caring for the pet with that particular need.



Mini-dachshund, Yorkshire, Maltese, Pomeranian, Pug, Shih Tzu, Chihuahua, Lhasa Apso


Dachshund, Toy Poodle, Corgi, Schnauzer, Wire Hair Terrier


Scottish Terrier, Mini Aussie, Westie, Miniature Poodle, Mini Doodle


Wheaten Terrier, American Eskimo, Cocker Spaniel, Border Collie


Golden Retriever, Flat Coat Retriever, Australian Shepherd, Springer Spaniel, Lab Retriever


Chow, Old English Sheepdog, Standard Poodle, Doodle, German Shepherd, Husky, Malamute


Saint Bernard, Newfoundland, Portuguese Water Dog, Great Pyrenees, Air-dale



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    Why Does Dog Grooming Prices Vary?

    It seems that grooming prices may vary in many cases. There is are several reasons for fluctuating the rate.


    As a mobile grooming service, the price will widely vary with the groomer traveling distance and traveling time. If your place is far away from the city, you may need to pay extra.


    Some customers prefer full grooming. Again, some prefer some specific services. The price will vary with the type of services.

    Level of Expertise:

    Groomer charges higher if he had a long experience. Price varies with groomer skill. Some groomers may young in this sector but highly efficient; he will likely cost more. For perfect work, groomer experience and expertise are vital.

    Size and Weight:

    It is easy to groom and handle a smaller than a large dog. Also, groomers have to work less with the small one than a larger one. So, the dog’s size and weight matter.


    All dogs grooming is not the same. Haircut and trimming and shaping are different for a different kind. The wrong hairstyle of the wrong kind will make a look disaster. So, Breed is an essential factor.

    Types of Coat:

    There is a difference between a single layer and a double coat dog’s treatment. There are many types of dog hair like smooth, curly, silky, wiry, thick, and fluffy. The nature and condition of hair affect the total price.


    Price primarily depends on the dog’s anger and behavior. Some dogs are very quiet and calm during grooming. These types of dogs are easy to handle. But when some dogs become aggressive, it becomes challenging to groom him. So, if groomers need to work hard with a high temper dog, he will charge more.

    Service Time:

    Groomers will load on the amount of service time.

    During Holiday and Special Occasions:

    A lot of people like to groom their dog during special occasions like Christmas or New Year. Groomers are almost two times busier than average time. At this time, you need to pay higher than ordinary time. Groomers often demand a little bit higher on holidays.

    Service Provider Organization:

    The mobile grooming service provider charges more money than the grooming salon. Because mobile servicers have some extra expenditures like transport cost, fuel cost, utility cost. But mobile services are more convenient to catch up with your busy schedule. Moreover, they save your time and energy.

    Packages of Dog Grooming Services

    Groomers offer many kinds of service packages but there are three standard types of service package and most of the dog owners like these 3 categories service package. These packages are money-worthy. Also, it is an opportunity to save some money by taking any suitable service package. The packages are:



    Why dog Grooming is Important?

    Sometimes people think that their solo attention is enough for the pet. But, in most cases, their care is not enough. A professional groomer knows well how to treat well and make the dog spectacular. Experts recommend that every dog owner should groom their dog at least once a month. Professional grooming is essential because:

    1. To maintain a hygienic and disease-free dog
    2. To make the dog beautiful
    3. To ensure good health of the pet
    4. To make them infection-free
    5. To keep them neat and clean
    6. To keep your house neat and clean
    7. Babies are easily getting affected by pet diseases. So, if you have bot baby and dog, you need to groom your dog regularly because you also need to save your baby too.

    Isn’t it nice to have nicely groom dogs having fun around you? Naturally, people adore more to a beautiful cute pet than a messy, stinky pet. Not only grooming makes the fellow neat and clean, but also it helps to ensure good health for both of you.

    So, spending money on a professional groomer is worthy. Groomers will take the best care of your pet. Don’t be fool by hiring an unprofessional groomer. Some greedy groomers may charge you extra unnecessarily. To avoid them, you can do some pre-research about their costs and services. Grooming regularly and be happy and safe with your lovely pet.