Dog Grooming Questionnaires (Q&A)

Every dog needs to groom in time, and the mobile dog grooming service is very beneficial for a dog. This service saves you valuable time, and it confirms your dog grooming perfectly. Before booking a groomer for your dog, you think lots of questions in your mind about the grooming process. Here you will get all the dog grooming questionnaires that will help you to get the answer.


Our Dog grooming experts receive many questions about dog grooming. People are curious about the method, price, process, equipment, etc. These are some frequently asked dog grooming questionnaire. For your convenience, we have arranged the Q&A section. So let’s get to start.  


We have arranged three categories for you to understand the Q&A very well, and all questions and answers are designed according to our expert groomers’ suggestions.  


(a) Pre Dog Grooming Q&A 

(b) Dog Grooming Day Q&A  

(c) Post Dog Grooming Q&A

Pre Dog Grooming Q&A

We provide all kinds of services to keep your dog clean and healthy. Dog grooming is not only bathing dogs but also maintain hygienic services like teeth brushing, nail trimming and clipping, de-matt coat, ear cleaning, anal gland expression.

Dog grooming is essential to keep and feel the dog healthy, clean, and hygienic. Regular grooming keeps him dirt and infectious free. Your pet’s health is also crucial for your health too. Because sick pets can spread different diseases.

The grooming session mostly depends on breeds, coats, length of hair, etc. You should bathe dogs like Labradors, shepherds, collies, etc. every after six to eight weeks. Other fluffy dogs like Poodles, Cockers, Lhasa Apso’s, Bichons need grooming in between every four to six weeks.

You can bathe your dog at your home by yourself. But our professional groomer can do more stuff besides bathing. We will save your time and can clean the dog properly. We use proper tools and appropriately trim the hair. We know how to handle odds, clean ear, teeth, and anal glands, remove fleas and search for any infection. But these are not so pleasant to work on your own.

Required time is different for different dogs. Generally, it takes 50 to 100 minutes, and haircut needs 80-130 minutes.

To make the puppy used to with grooming experience, you can start grooming even if he is eight weeks old only.

Grooming is helpful for both young and old dogs. It makes them fresh and keeps them healthy. The older dog needs special care. So, their grooming process is also exceptional and delicate.

Full vaccination is a must need thing before grooming. It is crucial for both groomer’s and pet’s safety. You must submit the vaccination paper as proof during the appointment. You should keep up to date in age required vaccination.

All pets need to be in good health before grooming. All of dog grooming services require:

  • Hepatitis and distemper vaccination
  • Rabies vaccination for all pets of 16 weeks or older
  • Para-influenza (within past three years), Bordetella (within past six months)- (according to New York city administrative code)
  • Parvovirus, herpesvirus-1

For dog grooming, we cannot give you an exact price list without seeing the pet. All pets are different. Price may vary for several things. So, you don’t put any accurate price chart.

Grooming cost varies with:

  • Dog size
  • Breeding of dog
  • Length of hair
  • Fur coat type
  • Types of services

No, we don’t recommend to feed your dog the day and the night before their grooming appointment. No matter how your dog used to groom, it is still stressful for him. He may need to empty his stomach, but during grooming, he can’t vacant it. That will be more stressful for the pet.

You can watch your dog grooming from far away. We don’t recommend you stay in the place of grooming. Naturally, the dog becomes uncontrollable when the dog sees its owner. During grooming, we use a very sharp instrument. It becomes challenging to stay calm in your presence.

A groomer can handle, on average, 6 or 7 dogs per day. A team of six-person grooms a minimum of 22 to 25 dogs per day. On Christmas, the number of dogs increases, and they may groom 40 to 42 dogs per day.

If your dog is nervous and needs special care, it is better to stay with the familiar groomer. Because the dog will be comfortable with the groomer and groomer also understand the animal well. The understanding between the dog and the groomer will make the process easier.

Customer satisfaction is the priority of any groomers. If the customer doesn’t like the after grooming look, then the stylists will work again to look better. Or give another date to reconstruct its look.

No problem, you can cancel your appointment at any time. But please be sure you cancel the date at least one day before the appointed date.

Usually, groomers don’t provide service on holiday or at the weekend. But if you need it, then you will pay an extra charge for that.

Dog Grooming DAY Q&A

Usually, our experts first bath the dog with appropriate shampoo and soap. They use a deep conditioner to make his hair silky and smooth. Then they dry them with dryer and brush the hair. When hair is dried, they shave or trim as necessary. Then they clip a nail and resize it. Additionally, if customers want, they clean his ear and search for infection. They also brush his teeth. Some groomers also express the anal gland.

Dog grooming is essential to keep and feel the dog healthy, clean, and hygienic. Regular grooming keeps him dirt and infectious free. Your pet’s health is also crucial for your health too. Because sick pets can spread different diseases.

Our dog groomers are experts to handle dogs. They know how to calm an animal. But you should talk in advance with groomers about his behavior. Sometimes sudden leave into the grooming station can make him afraid. If usually, he is a calm and quiet dog, he can be aggressive if he is frightened. So, make it natural for him. First, make him accustomed to the groomer and the environment.

Normally, grooming experts don’t recommend seduction. If your pet is aggressive, or if there is a risk to harm himself, then they give very light and minor seductive.

Our experts will try their best to make him comfortable and relaxed. But, if your dog becomes furious and aggressive and starts biting, it is quite impossible to groom him properly. That will be dangerous for both the groomer and the pet. In that case, they cannot but leave your dog without grooming. If they cannot handle your pet, then they will refund your money.

It is a popular cut with most breeds. Many pet lovers prefer it as it is cute looking and easy to maintain. Puppy cut means to cut all hair in the same length. The owner can select the length of the hair. Our groomer will help you to choose the best style for your pet.

Yes, our style maker can cut the breed standard. Maximum people don’t want the breed standard as a matter of high maintenance requirement. But if you are ok with that, the style maker will work with you to choose the standard look and to know the individual’s desire.

There are four ways to dry your pet. Our expert pet salon uses these methods.

  • Cage Dryer: It is suitable for short and smooth-coated dogs. It is also helpful for the busy groomer to attend other dogs while the wet one is drying.
  • Traditional Hairdryer: Some groomers use a normal hairdryer that people use to dry their hair.
  • Stand Dryer: It also has a unique feature that is it make straight of curly hair. Many groomers use a mounted dryer to use the straighten facility.

No, we have our shampoo and conditioner. But if your dog has sensitivity and your veteran suggests any special medicated shampoo or conditioner. You can provide it. Unless we have enriched resources to treat your dog well.

No, the grooming van is well equipped. We don’t use your electricity or power socket. Usually, the van carries enough water. But if there is much grooming in one day, then the trailer may face a lack of water. In that case, you may help us with some water.

Usually, you should trim off your dog’s nail once every six weeks. But some breeds nails grow fast. For them, you should trim every three weeks. Experts can trim off your pet’s nail without causing any harm to the pet.

Yes, absolutely, you can hand the groomer your favorite style. Your groomer will happily cut your preferred method.

The services that groomers provide with bath and brush are:

  • Full body Shampoo and deep conditioner
  • Blow-dry with dryer
  • Brush the hair
  • Cleaning and pulling off ear hair
  • Dematting

As an owner, you should care about your dog’s ear hair. Your dog’s ear should always be clean to avoid ear infection. Our groomers use a medicated powder to keep the animal’s ear infectious free.

Our groomers use professional products, tools, and tricks to control the shedding of your dog. That reduces almost about 60% to 70% shedding. Shedding treatment, after six to seven weeks, will reduce the amount of dropping to a great extent.

For a healthy dog’s ear, experts suggest to clean a dog’s ear once in a month. But for some breeds, ear wax proliferates and increases the risk of infection. For that particular breed, you should clean it within every two weeks.

Yes, our groomers provide hand stripping. Hand stripping is a process of plucking off dead hairs by hand. To maintain proper hand stripping, you should put your dog to a professional groomer every five or six weeks.

Yes, our groomers are efficient in giving flea bath to your dog. After regular bathing, they can spray or spread flea powder that prevents flea attack.

It is like a regular bath. But to remove flea first our groomers use dishwashing soap instead of regular shampoo. Dishwashing soap instantly kills germs and insects. After that, they bath the dog again with fresh water and regular shampoo. Dishwashing soap can dry his skin. So, 2nd bath with regular shampoo is necessary. Then the groomer dries out the dog. After that, he spread some preventive flea powder or spray some medicine to prevent further flea attack.

Our groomers use shampoo and conditioner specially designed for pets. The groomers use the equipment is fully authorized by the veteran. You need not worry about our products. We promise to ensure the best treatment for your fellow pet.

Post Dog grooming Q&A

Usually, A professional dog groomer takes their payment by service-based. The charge depends on the service, size, breed, and amount of grooming time.

You will contact with a groomer after four to five weeks of any grooming session. Before the next meeting, you need to take care of your pet by yourself.

At the lower end, you may pay, on average, $35 to $55 per pet. The average cost is $55 to $75. At the higher end, you may need to pay $75 to $100 per pet. Groomers don’t have any fixed price. The price will increase with a delicate style. Large size dog like an afghan hound or golden retriever costs you more. Additional services require additional money.

You can brush your dog’s hair frequently within your next groom.

Yes, a mobile dog grooming service is higher than a dog grooming shop. Because the mobile grooming service has additional transport and travel costs, moreover, mobile service saves your time and energy to a great extent. 

These dog grooming questionnaires help you to mitigate your lots of interest. Please always choose a professional groomer to groom your lovely dog. The unprofessional, unskilled groomer may harm your dog. 


If your dog needs special treatment and cares, then inform it to the groomer first. Your satisfaction and dog’s safety are the priority to the groomer. Prepare your dog to take grooming sessions quickly and positively. 


Try to make him accustomed to the groomer first. The groomers need to assure the pet that it is not harmful to him. Finally, groom your pet regularly. Keep him healthy and beautiful.