dog Bottom Fur Trim Service McKinney TX

dog Bottom Fur Trim

A fluffy, long hair dog is a cute thing that most pet lovers love. But maintain long fur needs lots of care and attention. If you have a fluffy pup, you may face a yucky situation like sticking poop with their rear end fur. 

Also, they can bring dirt along with their long hair and can make your home dirty. Thus, your dog may get stinky and matted. To avoid that situation, you need to do dog bottom fur trim.

But trimming off bottom fur is not easy like other parts trimming. They have their private organs in that end. Those are sensitive. So, before cutting bottom hair, you have to be careful about many things or you can book a professional as well as an expert dog groomer near you. Only professional groomers can trim your dog’s bottom fur and it will be safe and time-saving too.

Importance of Dog's Bottom Fur Trim

It is a  part of grooming. The importance of trimming dog bottom fur is vast and those are pointed below: 

  1. To avoid sticking poop in their rear bottom
  2. To keep him clean and neat
  3. To make your house clean
  4. To keep away the bad smell
  5. To let him a hygiene coat
  6. To avoid parasite attack
  7. To avoid infection
  8. The dog can not make a mess

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    Cost of Dog Bottom Fur Trim

    For a perfect and beautiful looking, you need to choose a professional groomer. On average, groomers may want near about $30 to $130 for trimming bottom fur. The price varies with the dog’s size, the thickness of the coat, breed, and dog’s behavior.

    Dog Size


    Small Size (Less Than 20lbs)

    $30 – $40

    Medium Size (20lbs-60lbs)

    $40 – $50

    Large Size (60lbs-100lbs)

    $50 – $80

    X-Large (More Than 100lbs)

    $90 – $130

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    Steps of Trimming Dog's Bottom Fur

    Trimming of rear-end needs experience, and this is a tricky task. Our experts use two methods to trim off. Those are:

    1. Clip Method Dog Trimming
    2. Scissors Method Dog Trimming

    Clip Method:

    1. At first, we take the position of your dog. Praise him and assure him so that it is not nervous. The clipper sound and vibration can make him afraid. First, prepare him mentally and make used to him with the clipper.
    2. We wash your dog rear bottom
    3. Then we stand your dog. We don’t give him a chance to sit.
    4. We comb neatly and hold a minimum of three inches hair
    5. After that, we start trimming from the bottom of his tail. Hold his tail up in the air. This action prevents the dog from sitting on his back.
    6. We trim from the center to outward and do it in a steady hand so that the puppy feels comfortable.
    7. We don’t make the area entirely bald. We always Keep away the clippers from the skin.
    8. We are cautious while cutting the genital side. Spread his rear end legs while cutting this spot.
    9. We keep short hair near his anus.

    Scissors Method:

    The scissors method is pretty similar to the clipping method.

    1. Our assistant holds the dog back and we start grooming your dog.
    2. We use scissors more time than clipping. So, it is necessary to distract him more often so that it can not get the idea of grooming.
    3. During cutting the genital area, We make sure the long sharp end is minimum three inches away from the skin. We keep the dog as steady as possible. If the dog is in motion, an accident may occur.
    4. An angel cut of the tail looks it fluffier than flat edge cut.

    Trimming of your bottom is also a fun thing that you can do with your dog. Regular grooming is necessary to keep your dog fresh and healthy. Don’t ignore trimming of bottom fur, if you have a long-haired dog. Once trimming will save your energy and time to clean him regularly. Plus, it is a hygienic practice.

    Please be attentive while trimming the bottom fur. Discuss with our groomers, how long you want to keep its hair. Rear-end trim shape also gives them a cute puppy look. So, dog bottom fur trim is beneficial in a whole sense.