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Ear cleaning is an essential part of dog grooming service. Sometimes dogs need frequent cleaning of ears. If dogs have an ear infection, it is mandatory to clean the ears with specific dog ear groomers. 


Ear cleaning is a crucial dog grooming issue that shouldn’t be neglected. If you have a regular dog groomer, then it is a very relief for you and your dog too. 

While grooming, your dog you should instruct him or her to check the dog’s ear clean. Sometimes ear cleaning of a dog is included in the whole dog grooming package. 

Benefits of dog Ear cleaning

There are some benefits of ear cleaning for a dog, those are pointed below-

  • The inner structure of a dog is very much complicated. If anything trapped into the ear canal, it is challenging to bring it out without accurate ear cleaners. If the invader is not removed, it can lead to further infection.
  • Vets highly recommend the use of good quality dog ear cleaners. You have to be very careful using ear cleaners. Different ear cleaners have various activities.
  • Inflamed or deeply ulcerated ear canal can be irritated by using hydrogen peroxide or alcohol. On the other hand, antibacterial and antifungal ear cleaners prevent ear infection. Some cleaners smoothly remove the wax from the ear.

Cost of dog's ear cleaning

The dog’s ear cleaning cost varies depending on services, weight, age, and breed. Usually, prices are calculated based on packages. But specifically for an ear cleaning, charges start from $15 to $50 including aprons, brushes, towels, and dryers.

Dog Size

Price for Dog Ear Cleaning

Small Size (Less Than 20lbs)

$15 – $20

Medium Size (20lbs-60lbs)

$20 – $25

Large Size (60lbs-100lbs)

$20 – $30

X-Large (More Than 100lbs)

$30 – $50

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    Dog's Ear cleaning (Tips)

    Procedures of Dog Ear Cleaning

    1. Sit on the floor, put your dog sit in front of you.

    2. Play a game with your pet so that it enjoys the time.

    3. Check the inner area of the ear canal.

    4. Clean the dirt slowly and very carefully.

    5. Remove the debris from the outer side of the ear.

    6. Use cotton balls and cleaning solutions to clean the inner surface of the ear cavity.

    7. If you notice that your pet feels pain in the cleaning process, stop and consult with a professional veterinarian.


    What Should Be Needed For Cleaning My Pet’s Ear?

    It would help if you had straightforward tools for cleaning the ears of your dog, such as- a good quality cleanser, cotton balls, or gauze.

    If your dog is too furry, you can use tweezers or hemostats.

    It would help if you did not use cotton tips for ear cleaning. It has the risk of destroying the dog ear screen or may cause the trauma in the ear cavity. Sometimes cotton tips drop debris into the ear.


    Which Dogs Need To Clean Their Ears?

    It is not necessary to clean every dog’s ear. Some dogs have bright and healthy ears. They never need to clean.

    It needs to be cleared only when you notice the bad odor or any discharge from the ear. Your veterinarian will give you the best solution when your hound’s ear needs to be cleaned.


    Ear cleaning of the dog is necessary in some specific cases. But it is mandatory to contact professional groomers. A clean and healthy dog always deserves to clean every part of its body. So this task has to be ensured for better feedback.