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Dog haircuts are outstanding groom service. It doesn’t matter whether the task is completed by yourself or a professional groomer. Just cut your dog’s hair safely with clipping. It is not necessary for all breeds, but dogs with long hair must be needed.


If you don’t feel comfortable clipping dog’s hair, then you have to call our professional groomers to do it smoothly. They aren’t so expensive. Instead, they will carry all excellent tools to complete the task perfectly. 

Benefits of dog haircuts

There are some benefits of regular dog hair cut. Those are pointed below-

1. Different types of external parasites like leeches are removed through a proper hairstyle.

2. Sometimes it reduces hair fall problems also.

3. A professional haircut makes your furry adorable, gentle, and stylish.

4. Some skin irritations are also removed by making the hair short.

5. Its Looks a puppy more beautiful and healthy.

Cost of dog hair cutting

The dog hair cutting cost varies depending on services, weight, age, and breed. Usually, prices are calculated based on packages. But specifically for a hair cut, charges start from $25 to $90 including aprons, brushes, towels, and dryers.

Dog Size

Price for Dog Hair Cut

Small Size (Less Than 20lbs)

$20 – $30

Medium Size (20lbs-60lbs)

$25 – $35

Large Size (60lbs-100lbs)

$30 – $60

X-Large (More Than 100lbs)

$70 – $90

If you want to get the free cost estimation of your dogs’ haircutting prices and packages, then you can contact us it is totally free.

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Our service is one of the best dog grooming services in McKinney TX. We provide complete attention to our services, and our main aim is to ensure the safety of your pet while grooming. 

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    Dog Hair Cutting (Tips)

    Things You Have To Think Before the Haircut

    1. Starting a hair at a young age: Try to begin haircut from a young age. It will be beneficial when they become older.

    2. You may cut your pet’s hair as you wish. But it will be useful if you follow the style according to the breed standard.

    3. Choosing of quiet clipper: If the clippers are more modest, your dogs are to be less scared.

    4. Getting the dog used to the clippers: Your dog may become afraid at first seeing the clippers. It will be fruitful if you start to move the clippers gradually near its body. That means you create positive things with the clippers.

    5. Read dog haircut tips from different dog grooming websites: There are so many grooming websites that provide you excellent suggestions for dog haircuts.


    How To Do In Your Dog Haircuts?

    Here are the steps to be followed by a professional groomer in dog haircuts.

    1. At first, you have to brush all of the dog’s hair. Or may wash and dry before hair cutting.

    2. Start cutting the hair gradually from short to long hair.

    3. Then move onto the more rooted hair. In this step, you have to know how long the fur will be.

    4. Cutting the hair from up to the bottom of the dog’s body. Start from the leg and back and gradually come to the face and head.

    5. Be patient and positive: If your dog moves vigorously, you have to keep you calm and put the dog back for a haircut.


    Some Popular Dog Haircuts Style

    1. Kunnel cut

    2. Teddy bear trim

    3. Breed trim

    4. Full coat trim

    5. Exotic style


    Dog Haircuts By Breed 

    Hairstyles are based on mainly the breed types. SucFrisehair style of—

    · Bichon Frise

    · Cockapoo

    · Labradoodle

    · Maltese

    · Shih Tzu

    · Poodle etc.

    Dog Hair Cutting Q&A

    Grooming cost varies with:

    • Dog size
    • Breeding of dog
    • Length of hair
    • Fur coat type
    • Types of services

    No problem, you can cancel your appointment at any time. But please be sure you cancel the date at least one day before the appointed date.

    Yes. We use our own resources but if your dog in the medicine treatment then we need your help according to dog’s prescription. 

    Yes, We are able to cut hair all breeds of dog and if you see the cost section then you will know more about us. 

    If you want that your dog looks beautiful, you have to take care of its hair. Specific dog haircuts can make your pretty dog gorgeous. But the clipping tools must be clean, sharp, and familiar to the dog. If you feel that you need a professional dog groomer then contact us (free), Our expert team will help you to groom best.