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dog health check up

Dog health checks up is a routine medical health check-up of a dog that is visibly healthy or unhealthy. Health checks up are also be known as wellness examinations or physical examinations. It is very important to check up your puppy’s health like a human. As a pet owner, it is our one of the main duties. 

How often should you take your dog to the vet for a check-up?

It depends on the age and health condition of your pet dog. Generally, veterinarians suggest that at an early age, health check-up will be every month, in middle age, it will be twice in a year. For adult dogs, an annual health check-up is recommended.


Dogs grow at a faster rate than human beings. Generally, it becomes mature at the age of 12 months. So your vet can give you the best suggestion about how often your pet should have a health check-up, based on age, health status, and breed.

Cost of dog's Health check-up

Health Check-Up Service

Cost For Health Check-Up

Average physical examination

$50 – $60

vaccination cost per dose


Fecal test


Allergy test for skin


Allergy test for blood


Dental care


Heartworm test


Surgery cost


If you want to get your price estimation for free then you can contact us, we are available 24/7 and you will get your solution as early as possible. 

Dog's Physical Exam Check List

During regular dog health check-ups, our veterinarian will ask you some questions about your pretty friends. It may about the exercise, proper diet, sleeping status, breathing, urine and stool discharging patterns, habits, lifestyle, and overall health status. 


The vet will also check the physical condition of your canine based on previous information. Then he will recommend you whether your dog needs medicine, vaccination, nutrition, hair care, dental care, or other parasite prevention treatment.


He observes the general appearance of your dog, checks pulse rate, and breathing rate by pressing specific areas of the body. In the physical check-up, the veterinarian inspects the following:


  • Walking style of your pet dog.
  • Observation of the mental status, whether your dog is joyful or stressed.
  • Measuring body weight.
  • Inspection of haircoat, nail length, ear, face, nose, and eye status.
  • Checking of skin condition whether it is oily, dry or normal, having dandruff, shedding, or loss of hair.
  • Examining of pulse auscultation.
  • Checking up the swelling or pain in the lymph nodes of the neck, head, and legs.
  • Inspection of bladder, kidney, liver, intestine, stomach, spleen, whether they show normal activities or abnormal.
  • Sometimes veterinary physiologists can recommend doing X-ray for examining the skeleton structure of your canine.

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Dog's Health check-up Q&A

We recommend that you bring your dog in for an annual veterinary checkup at a minimum. As a smart dog owner you need to check-up your dog 2 times of a year.

Yes, We will come to you to solve the issue and we will also come with our regular instruments but in some major cases, we will shift in our chamber. 

Full vaccination is a must need thing before grooming. It is crucial for both groomer’s and pet’s safety. You must submit the vaccination paper as proof during the appointment. You should keep up to date in age required vaccination.

We provide Dog Bathing, Teeth Brushing, Nail trimming, Hair Cut, Ear Cleaning, Eye Cleaning, Health Checkup, Dog Shaver, Bottom Fur Trim and Four Paws Groom. We are also experienced in veterinary service at your home. 

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    A pet dog is an essential member of your family. You have to take care of it like you. It is unable to tell you when it feels unwell. As a result, pathogens may affect before you concern about it. 


    In that situation, regular dog health checks up by a certified veterinarian can improve your dog’s overall health status. Besides, be aware of the brand of your pet diet, learn more about optimal health maintenance, and apply it to your beloved puppy.