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Dog nail trimming is an essential grooming service that helps your dog stay happy and feel comfortable. If you don’t cut your dog’s nails, they can grow longer and lead to infection. Long nails are always irritating, which can cause problems. This grooming service would help if you started trimming when your dog is a puppy. Best nail trimming should be performed once a month.

What is Dog Nail Trimming?

Dog nail trimming is a grooming service in which extra or long nails of dog are cut with specialized clippers and trimmers. It is essential for maintaining good health and hygiene.

Importance of Dog Nail Trimming

There is some crucial importance of a dog’s nail trimming and it will save your puppy’s life. This grooming service is a monthly basis service and you should continue it regularly.

  1. Long nails can make rough scratches on floors, carpets, and furniture.
  2. Too long, nails may be torn off. As a result, your dog might be injured and, in some cases, may require veterinary care.
  3. Comfortable walking is not possible with larger nails. Sometimes the dog cannot walk comfortably.
  4. Longer nails make discomfort while your dog hits the ground. It puts higher pressure on the nail bed. This pressure may lead to pain on the paws and nail bed.
  5. Longer dog nails have a chance to become dirty and unattractive.
  6. Extra-long pins are responsible for a significant functional problem— weight distribution. Because of long nails, the pressure of body weight remains unequal, resulting in painful and challenging running.
  7. So many diseases creating germs take shelter under the long pin.
  8. A bad odor may be made by rotten materials under the nails.

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    Cost of dog's nail trimming

    Nail trimming of dogs can vary based on some criteria. Such as size and temperament of the dog, where it will be done, and whether nail trimming is done with other grooming services. However, the average cost of only nail trimming ranges from $15 – $25.


    Dog Size

    Price for Dog Nail Trimming

    Small Size (Less Than 20lbs)

    $15 – $20

    Medium Size (20lbs-60lbs)

    $20 – $25

    Large Size (60lbs-100lbs)

    $20 – $30

    X-Large (More Than 100lbs)

    $25 – $40

    Why we are the best?

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    Safe Service

    Our service is one of the best dog grooming services in McKinney TX. We provide complete attention to our services, and our main aim is to ensure the safety of your pet while grooming. 

    Quality Groom

    We have a high success rate of clients according to our  professionalism in dog grooming. Our expert dog groomers are the best of dog groomers in McKinney taxes and you will get 100% excellency of our service.

    Happiness Guarantee

    We provide complete service and most of the time we accept custom order to our clients. To keep client’s happy with our service is our main objective and our professional groomers always maintain it.

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    Dog Nail Trimming (Tips)

    How to Trim Dog Nails?

    1. At first, place the clipper at a 45-degree angle.

    2. Start clipping each nail very carefully and slowly. Quick cutting may cut the vital part of your dog. Remember that, aggressive dog nail trimming is always harmful.

    3. Stop clipping when you see the pink layer if your dog’s nail is white and stop before reaching the whitish part if your dog contains black nails.


    When Should You Trim Your Dog’s Nails?

    The best time of trimming your dog’s nails while you see the extra pin. Or when the nails reach the floor. You can observe the sound of its nail tips hitting when it walks.


    Collection of Best Dog Nail Clippers

    You must have a proper dog nail clipper and trimmer to trim its nails safely and adequately. Clipper has to contain a sharp blade. There are different types of clippers. For example, scissor clippers act as ordinary scissors. It is perfect for large dogs with thick nails. Another is guillotine clipper. It is used for small to medium dogs.

    Dog Nail Trimming Q&A

    Required time is different for different dog’s size. Generally, it takes 50 to 80 minutes.

    For dog grooming, we cannot give you an exact price list without seeing the pet. All pets are different. Price may vary for several things. So, you don’t put any accurate price chart.

    Grooming cost varies with:

    • Dog size
    • Breeding of dog
    • Length of hair
    • Fur coat type
    • Types of services

    No problem, you can cancel your appointment at any time. But please be sure you cancel the date at least one day before the appointed date.

    Yes. We use our own resources but if your dog in the medicine treatment then we need your help according to dog’s prescription. 

    Yes, We are able to trim all breeds of dog and if you see the cost section then you will know more about us. 

    Without dog nail trimming, it is impossible to keep your pet dog healthy. Also, it provides your dog with a relaxing movement and activity. So, for better well-being you should, you should do it regularly either by yourself or by a professional pet groomer.