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In the hot summer, when the man suffocates but he has the option to wear a light dress and being comfortable. But pet has no such advantage of changing their fur. 

If you love a dog, it may come to your mind; the dog is suffering by nesting in a thick coat. Dog shaving seems not to be a good idea for you to reduce his sufferings.

But dog shaving is not an easy task. It would help if you thought about its breed, types of fur, the thickness of the coat, and so many things. Any mistake while shaving may look your dog ugly. 

So, it is a good idea to hire any professional for this task instead of doing by yourself. Moreover, a professional knows what is best for the pet. The expert can assist you in giving him a perfect look.

What is dog shaving?

Dog shaving means shaving a dog’s hair. Some experts discourage to complete removal of the pet’s coat. They suggest keeping a minimum of one inch of hair on the dog’s body. They say that it is essential for the pet as it will protect them from sunburn. But in some cases, they recommend a complete shave. Shaving is necessary:

  • For surgical purpose
  • For the excessive matted coat
  • Suffer from skin diseases like myiasis or hotspot
  • For old dog grooming

Benefits of Dog shaving

Dog shaving has many advantages. Summer season is the burning issue of some of the breeds of dogs. Each year pet groomers, especially dog groomers and pet lovers, have debates about dog shaving. But there are some benefits of dog shaving those are pointed below. The benefits you will find from shaving are:

1. Stay Calm and Happy:

The dog will not be irritated with his long hair. He will relax in hot weather.

2. Prevent Warm Parasite:

In warm weather, parasites attack dog’s fur and cause myiasis or blistering spot diseases.

3. Keep Him Clean and Hygienic:

Long hair causes lots of trouble. Primarily, keep him fresh, neat, and tidy is challenging. If you shave him, you will be free from that hustle.

4. Keep Him Infection-Free:

Dirty fur may cause infection on his coat. But if you shave him off, there will not be any risk of disease.

5. Easy to Maintain:

It allows the owner with less maintenance. It is quite helpful for the busy owner.

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    How Do we shave a dog?

    Our groomers follow these rules to shave a dog:

    1. We first Give a warm bath with shampoo and conditioner. Shaving is comfortable with a clean dog.
    2. We start removing hair from his paws and legs
    3. Then we start from the top of his backside. It would help the dog’s private parts.
    4. Now we can save his tail too from the base to the rear.
    5. Then we can shave the rest of his body — face, side, and belly.
    6. We make sure to keep a minimum of one-inch fur on his body.
    7. We always keep attention that the clipper is cold, they don’t use a very hot clipper
    8. We must avoid close shave to the skin

    In this way, We shave him off. 

    Cost of dog's shaving

    The dog’s shaving cost varies depending on services, weight, age, and breed. Usually, prices are calculated based on packages. But specifically for the shaving, charges start from $30 to $90 including aprons, brushes, towels, and dryers.

    Dog Size

    Price for Dog Ear Cleaning

    Small Size (Less Than 20lbs)

    $30 – $40

    Medium Size (20lbs-60lbs)

    $40 – $60

    Large Size (60lbs-100lbs)

    $50 – $80

    X-Large (More Than 100lbs)

    $70 – $90

    If you want to get a free cost estimation for your beloved puppy then you can contact us, it is totally free to use. Just hit the button below and submit the form. We will get back soon.

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    For easy to maintain, many pet lovers recently start to like dog shaving. It is recommended not to try on your own. Because it is risky for the dog. The unprofessional groomer may do injury during shaving.

    So, this is important to take the help of any professionals groomer. They know how to manage a dog and how will be the dog look after grooming. So, it is quite helpful for the owner to do it properly. 

    When you shave a dog, you should take more care. So, it can not develop skin cancer. Dogs are different from humans. Treat your dog as its nature. Leave it as what is natural. Don’t put your dog in unnecessary trouble.