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Are you looking at Google for the mobile dog bathing service near me? Then you have landed the exact page. Here you get the details information about the mobile dog bathing service with the specific cost. 

Most of the case dog is not willing to bath. But it is essential for your dog’s coat and skin. It helps to keep your dog clean, fresh, and free of external parasites and dirt. When the service comes to your home, definitely it will be a bonus for your dog. A mobile dog bath includes all bathing components, whatever your dog needs.

What is Mobile Dog Bath?

It is a professional bath service which is contained in a custom van to take a complete bath of your pet. This bath service system is becoming popular with busy dog owners day by day. This service is very safe and comfortable for dogs and most of the dog owners rely on this type of service. 

Benefits of Mobile Dog Bathing

The mobile van will carry all of the instruments which are needed during bathing. So you don’t have to think about it. Instead, you may do something in your home when your dog is taking a bath. Some more benefits are included here:

  • In a salon, a groomer generally groom of several dogs at a time. But mobile dog groomers concentrate only on your dog.
  • Amazingly, a mobile dog groomer brings his salon with a beautiful bathroom to your home. So, you can do any of your work in your home while your dog is taking a playful shower.
  • In dog grooming home service, your pet feels relax and doesn’t show anxiety because he is in her own home.
  • A mobile dog bath is much more comfortable for your canine. In-home service, a groomer takes more time in bathing than in a grooming center.
  • There must be no chance of spreading any diseases from other dogs during bathing in your home.
  • If your dog isn’t willing to take a bath to any grooming center, then a mobile dog bath is the best solution for your pet. Because this environment is familiar to him.
  • It reduces the stress you and your pretty friend.
  • The mobile unit contains everything your canine demands to be fresh and comfortable.
  • Here new and warm water for every electric dog table, separate clean and used water tanks, an air-conditioning system for summer, and winter are available.
  • Usually, they use their generator, so there is no need to use your home electricity.
  • They are present with a dog bath and grooming spa in front of your house!
  • Mobile dog groomers contain hydro-bath, tearless shampoo, and conditioner.

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    Mobile Dog Bathing Service

    Cost of Dog Bathing

    The dog bathing cost varies depending on services, weight, age, and breed. Usually, prices are calculated based on packages. But specifically for bath, charges start from $15 to $60 including aprons, brushes, towels, and dryers.

    Dog Size

    Price for Dog Bath

    Small Size (Less Than 20lbs)

    $15 – $20

    Medium Size (20lbs-60lbs)

    $20 – $25

    Large Size (60lbs-100lbs)

    $20 – $30

    X-Large (More Than 100lbs)

    $30 – $50

    If you want to estimate the cost of your dog bathing service then you can easily contact us, this service is free and easy to use. Just click the free estimation button below and simply fill the form. Our team will respond to you as early as possible. So why you are waiting? 

    Why we are the best?

    dog groomers McKinney TX

    Safe Service

    Our service is one of the best dog grooming services in McKinney TX. We provide complete attention to our services, and our main aim is to ensure the safety of your pet while grooming. 

    Quality Groom

    We have a high success rate of clients according to our  professionalism in dog grooming. Our expert dog groomers are the best of dog groomers in McKinney taxes and you will get 100% excellency of our service.

    Happiness Guarantee

    We provide complete service and most of the time we accept custom order to our clients. To keep client’s happy with our service is our main objective and our professional groomers always maintain it.

    Dog Bathing Q&A

    Required time is different for different dog’s size. Generally, it takes 50 to 80 minutes.

    For dog grooming, we cannot give you an exact price list without seeing the pet. All pets are different. Price may vary for several things. So, you don’t put any accurate price chart.

    Grooming cost varies with:

    • Dog size
    • Breeding of dog
    • Length of hair
    • Fur coat type
    • Types of services

    No problem, you can cancel your appointment at any time. But please be sure you cancel the date at least one day before the appointed date.

    Yes. We use our own resources but if your dog in the medicine treatment then we need your help according to dog’s prescription. 

    We have enough water supply and most of the time we do not need extra water supply.

    Yes, We are able to bath all breeds of dog and if you see the cost section then you will know more about us. 

    Dog Bath is a severe issue of your favorite puppy’s refreshment as well as energy. You expect that the bath will be safe and hygienic. It is entirely possible when it will be done at your home. Because there is no risk to get in touch the infectious diseases to your beloved dog.