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Do you want to groom your dog yourself or do you want to know how to dog grooming at home?

Many pet lovers want to groom their dogs by themselves. There are reasons behind it. Some people don’t like to give their pets to others’ hands.

While some are tired of spending money on professional dog groomers, and so they look for some basic grooming techniques to save some money. Or maybe you are a new pet owner, looking for tips for dog grooming at home. 

Whatever your reason is, you come absolutely in the right place. From this article, you will learn everything about dog grooming at home.

Basic Dog Grooming Services

These are the main dog grooming activities. And the frequency is average for maximum dogs.

  1. Nail clipping- once in a month.
  2. Brushing hair- once or 2/3 times in a week (depends on dog’s type)
  3. Brush teeth- better to do it regularly, or at least three or four times a week.
  4. Bathing–once in two-three months.
  5. Ears, Eyes, and Paws cleaning- Once in every two weeks.
  6. Hair trimming- every two months.

But before the start, both of you have to prepare. Do you know how you will take the preparation? Let’s see.

How To Prepare A Dog For Grooming At Home?

You need to prepare your dog mentally and physically before grooming. The dog unfamiliar with the processes will annoy a grooming session. Many dogs hate these matters. 

But at the grooming session, their co-operation is necessary. If they get furious and don’t let anyone go near, then it will be tough to groom.

So how will you prepare the poor fellow?

  1. If it is a puppy, then train it from the earliest of its age. Eventually, if you do grooming sessions frequently, it will get used to it.
  2. Praise and treat the fellow a lot. It will help him keep patience to bear the session. 
  3. Split the whole activities into several days. Instead of doing everything in one day, let do the work in several days.
  4. If your dog hates shaving or brushing, don’t push it. Do it at another time. 
  5. For a successful grooming session, earn its trust. It is important.
  6. Buy a proper dog grooming kit to do the groom at your house.
  7. Before dive into the grooming, make sure you know what you should do with special individual breed.
  8. Continuous effort gives both of you confidence and increases reliability issues.

How To Brush Your Dog’s Hair At Home

For habituating your dog, you can start with brushing. Try to brush your dog several times a week for some minutes. It is a healthy habit. You can keep your dog clean by brushing. 

Experts suggest brushing before bath. So, the heavy darts can remove with a brush. Periodic brushing also reduces shading. 

How often you should brush, depending on your pet coat type and length of hair. Medium and long hair dog needs more brush than a short hair dog. Overlong hair can quickly get mats, tangles, and even debris that may trap inside their coat. 

  • Smooth and short-coated dogs.

You can avoid traditional brushing for these dogs. Instead, you can use a soft grooming glove to remove loose hair gently. You can do it once every few weeks.

  • Short and densely furred dogs.

You can brush these dogs (for example, Husky) once in a fortnight.

  • Long and double-coated dogs.

The dog’s hair can quickly get matted and tangled. To avoid these problems, you need to brush once every week.

 How To Bathe Your Dog At Home

Some people give a bath to their dog every week. But ideally, a dog needs a bath once every 2/3 months. If your dog is always outside of the house, then you can give a bath once a month.

Hypoallergenic and oatmeal dog shampoo is the best choice for your dog. Make sure you always use dog shampoo. Even man’s baby shampoo is hard for the dog to bear. For shiny, silky, and healthy hair, use dog conditioner after shampoo.

Other than the small-coated dog, always brushing the dog’s hair before the bath. Mat and tangle get worse with water. So, demitting first before you rush to water. Rinse carefully so that, accidentally, you don’t leave any shampoo at his coat.

Put cotton balls into ear drain. Any water drop in his ear may cause an ear infection. Some shampoo may permanently damage its eyesight.

So, use a very gentle shampoo for face cleaning. And be careful with its eye. You can put a few droplets of saline water into its eyes after bathing as an extra precaution.

To dry him with a dryer, put it in a relaxed setting. Dog’s skin gets easily overheated. Overheat will make its skin irritating and dry out their skin. Another thing is, use lukewarm or normal temperature water. The hot water bath is not a dog’s thing.

How To Brush Your Dog’s Teeth At Home

Research shows that almost 80% of dogs suffer tooth problems. So, it is an agreeable habit to clean them regularly.

Use the dog’s toothpaste and toothbrush. And give the dog something to chew. Chewing bones strengthen their teeth and help to maintain healthy teeth naturally.

How To Take Care Of Your Dog’s Ears, Eyes, And Paws At Home

When you own a pet, look after every part of its body. 

To avoid ear infection, check its ear once in a month. You need to use ear cleaner for the dog to clean its ear. Put some ear cleaner into a cotton ball and gently clean the ear drain. 

It is normal to see some dirt and grease come out from its ear. But if it comes out shitty and stinky, then it is a sign of ear infection. In that case, you must go to a vet.

Bright and clear eyes are the sign of a healthy eye. Have a close look at its sight once every week. If you see any cloudiness or color discharged in its eyes, then take it to the hospital.

Typically, for maximum dogs, hair grows at the bottom of their pad. If the hair grows overlong, trim it, or cut it with a scissor. Pad’s overlong hair is painful for the dog as it gets easily matted and creates a lump. 

How To Trim Your Dog’s Hair At Home

Trimming is something that you should leave on professionals. Because it is hard and sensitive too. There is a high risk of injury while grooming.

But if you are confident enough, then do it by yourself. To trim the dog’s hair, you can use either scissors or trimmer. The trimmer is safer than scissors.

Most trimmers available in the market have different guide blade. If you don’t know what is most suitable for your dog, start with a great guide. Use the blade cooler to avoid getting excessively hot. Be careful while using the trimmer.

Put the trimmer away from the dog’s skin. Give extra care when you trim the area of the ear, face, armpit, and the back.

If you use scissors, use sharp scissors.

Like human hair, don’t go to cut at the wet condition. Wash thoroughly and dry fully before you trim the beard. Give a reward after trimming. Ask another person to hold the dog’s head straight. 

Many dogs don’t like the buzzing sound of trimmer. So, first, make the dog used to with the accessories associated with trimming. Then after full preparation, sit to cut. Choose the best suitable puppy cut and plan to reduce that accordingly.

You can trim your dog’s hair once every two/ three months.

How To Trim Your Dog’s Nail At Home

If you don’t cut your dog’s nail, there is an immense possibility to get scratches. The dog may suffer from a painful nail breakdown, or its pin may burst into the flesh of its pad. 

There are veins in the dog’s nail. If you cut too deep, there will be bleeding. So, you need is to reduce the nail slightly. Trimming is the best choice for this action.

You can use a nail clipper for it. Be careful, clippers get hot and can burn your dog’s skin.

For transparent nails, cut before the pinkish area. The pink area refers to the internal vain area. If the nail is opaque or dark, it is hard to realize. In that case, cut a small portion from the tip.


The principal aim of grooming is to have a healthy and cute looking pet. If you want to groom at home, make sure you know everything well.

Every breed has needed an original method of caring. Other grooming activities enjoy bathing, brushing, etc. are easy to do at home.

But trimming hair and nail needs expertise. Any mistake can make the dog injured and evil looking. No pet parent wants that.

Though you know how to dog grooming at home, it is always appreciable to take dog grooming service from a professional dog groomer at least twice a year.

Use an appropriate dog grooming kit to avoid an accident. You can use unique methods to make the grooming session enjoyable with your dog.

When your dog becomes used to the activities, the meeting will be more relaxed and more comfortable. 

Take care of your pet and ensure a healthy, safe pet life. 

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