5 Steps of How to Get a Health Certificate for a Dog

Are you looking at Google about how to get a health certificate for a dog in the USA? then you have landed in the right place. In this article, We have figured out how to get a health certificate for a dog with the process.

A dog health certificate is a certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI), which is an official document that a registered veterinarian provides you after observing your pet dog.

This certificate ensures that your pooch is fit from every aspect, including proper vaccination, grooming, and health condition.

What is Dog Health Certificate

A dog health certificate is a formal document generally needed for the dogs moving around the world.

This certificate shows that your pretty dog is fit in good health and can travel. It is also used to ensure disease control.

Some infectious diseases can be transmitted to a human. So it is essential to know whether your dog is bearing such kind of illness or not.

The dog health certificate is very essential for all dog owners and nowadays it is becoming demandable and popular in the USA.

Steps Of Getting Dog Health Certificate In Mckinney TX

There are five most important steps in getting the dog health certificate in Mckinney Tx. So let’s get to start.

1. Finding a USDA-Permitted Veterinarian

At first, you have to go to your local accredited vet to know about the formalities of the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture).

Because the USDA only checks your papers, not your pets. So for getting accurate paperwork, you have to find out the local vet and check your canine by him.

2. Collection of APHIS Vet Health Certificate Form 7001

This form is essential to obtain your pet dog certificate. You have to fill-up the form following the instructions by the local accredited vet.

He or she will examine your puppy’s overall health condition, conduct some specific tests, verify immunizations, and then permit you to fill up the USDA form.

3 Going to Your Accredited Vet to Get the Health Certificate Issued

If you want to travel with your furry, you must have to get a health certificate for your pet. So you have to complete all of the formalities within a specific time frame before your travel day.

You have to know the pet import requirements to which country you are traveling as well as the airline requirements. Some airlines follow specific health certificates for dog flying.

4. Checking of Your Final Form

You must have to fill up the USDA form accurately. Because the USDA authority founds any mismatch, documents will be returned to you.

You don’t want this to occur because you have to get the endorsement within a specific time of your traveling. Therefore you must correct with the help of your vet.

If you remain incorrect or you have lacking information, start over a new document again.

5. Sending Your Form to the USDA 

If your home is near to the veterinary service office, you can go to the office personally for the endorsement, or you can send it via FedEx.

Before you are coming to the office, you have to make an appointment at least one week in advance. And most importantly, you have to know the payment system. Usually, the USDA doesn’t allow bank checks.

USDA Pet Health Certificate Cost

The cost for a dog health certificate may vary depending on the type of vaccination. The cost of veterinary consultation can be between $25 and $150.

The cost of immunization depends on the age of your dog. If it is younger, the cost can be between $20 and $150. If your dog is older, the price will be between $10 and $100. In total, you have to pay $35 to $300.

Benefits Of Dog Health Certificate

There are many benefits to dog health certificates. A dog health certificate gets the information that your pet is in good health and free of disease.

  • This certificate helps you to move interstate with your dog.
  • Dog health certificate provides you the details guidelines of dog health care.
  • It will be your dog’s boarding pass in the international airport if the certificate is performed by a USDA accredited veterinarian.
  • This certificate helps you to cut fines by the pet health inspectors.
  • It helps you to share information with details in State Government and other animal health officials very quickly.
  • With the help of a dog certificate now it is very easier to share documents and information about your dogs between practice members.


We recommend that before planning your puppy’s transportation, you have to plan about 6 months before traveling. It will help you to get enough time to test all the health criteria and paperwork, depending on the Description.

You can get all the information about individual state regulation, airline requirements, and fees please go to the United States Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services website by clicking here.

If you wish to find out more information about the state of Texas requirements, please click the following link

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