Top 10 Reasons: Why Dog Grooming Is More Expensive?

What do you feel when you find that dog grooming cost is more expensive than your hair cut? Do you wonder why dog grooming is more expensive?

On average, in the United States of America, you may need to pay $35 to $70 for dog grooming. But for your haircut, you may require paying near about $25 to $40 men and women accordingly.

There are reasons for this considerable cost difference.

But before jump into those reasons, think the purpose of dog grooming and man’s haircutting. You cut your hair to present yourself beautifully.

This purpose is also valid for dog grooming. But there is also another motive. Grooming is essential as well for the better health of your doggie.

Now, maybe you can assume something about its high price. Let’s dig deeper to know more.

Why is Dog Grooming Expensive?

These are the reasons:

1. The Groomer Cut The Hair Of The Dog’s Whole Body:

Will, your hairdresser, cut the hair of other parts of your body except for your head’s hair? Well, groomers do. They cut the hair of the whole body of the dog. Even they shave or cut off the hair of its rear end.

Groomers need to be more careful to wash the dog’s hair. You can tell if there is any shampoo left into your ear and eyes. But if there is accidentally any tiny drop of shampoo at the dog’s ear or eye, it leads him to severe infection.

2. Groomers Clean Its Rear End:

You never sit over your poo and don’t dare to stay your butt on mud. But dogs do. And unfortunately, groomers cannot but have to clean it. And any hairdresser on this earth will not do that for any human.

3. Probably You Will Not Dance On The Cutting Chair:

What will you do when you sit for cutting hair? Will you sit still, or will you do the continuous movement? Undoubtedly, you want the best looking. So, I do not remember you daring to ruin it by your actions.

But will the dog do the same as a human? Some dogs are calm and quiet at the grooming. Groomers can easily handle them.

But for nervous dogs, standing him still will be the biggest challenge for groomers. The groomers need much effort to work with them.

4. The Bite And Scratch:

Hairdressers never experience with biting and scratching from their customers. But groomers sometimes cannot but endure it. Handling an aggressive dog is risky. They can bite and scrape the groomer out of their anxiousness.

No groomers want to have bloodshed. But sometimes dogs make the grooming session bloody. That is also hazardous for the groomers.

Groomers themselves need medication to get rid of severe health issues. Hairdressers are much away from this pain.

5. Ear Cleaning And Remove Boogies From Eyes:

Groomers also clean the dog’s ear. Give medicated powder to avoid ear infection. Help to maintain a healthy ear for the little fellow.

 The groomers also take the responsibility to maintain healthy eyes for your lovely dog.

6. Help To Get Healthy Skin:

Groomers can alert you about its skin condition. They extract parasites from their fur and make the coat clean and healthy.

7. Grooming Needs More Time Than Hairdressing:

You never go to a hairdresser without washing or brushing your hair for two weeks. But this is common for groomers to get dogs with such a mess.

Sometimes they need hours to remove its mat and give the dog a cute, fluffy look.

And, keep him straight while cutting hair is also a struggle. So, grooming a matted dog takes almost three times more than the time needs for a haircut.

8. Brush The Teeth:

Will you ever let anyone brush your teeth unless you can’t do that? Groomers also take care of dogs’ teeth.

9. Manicure And Pedicure For Free:

Have you ever get your manicure-pedicure free with your hairstyle? But doing a full groom includes the grooming of four paw’s nails, too. The groomers will trim the dog’s nail without demanding extra money.

10. The Poo And Pee Fact:

It is highly unlikely that a grown-up person does poo or pee on a hairdresser chair. But this is not unusual for groomers. A dog doesn’t mind losing weight on the grooming table and make the work more hazardous.

Why Do Dog Grooming Prices Vary?

Dog grooming costs may vary for different reasons. There are some factors that affect the dog grooming cost, and all factors are very important. Let’s get started to see the details of the factors.  


Location is one of the prime reasons or factors that affect the cost of mobile dog grooming services directly. If you are outside of the prime business location, your cost will be extra 10 -20% then regular price. 


Most of the clients prefer full dog grooming services. Again, some prefer some specific services. So dog grooming service is one of the next factors that affect the cost of dog grooming. 

There are different types of dog grooming services like dog bathing, nail trimming, hair cutting, dental care, and health services. 

If you take all the service at once, then your cost will be more than a specific service. To calculate your price according to the number of services. 

Size and Weight:

It is easy to groom perfectly a smaller dog than a large or weighted dog. A groomer always prefers to save time on grooming. 

If you have a large size like (60lbs-100lbs) and X-Large (more than 100lbs), then you have to pay more than a regular price. 

Size and Weight Cost  
Small Size (Less Than 20lbs) $60-$80  
Medium Size (20lbs-60lbs) $70-$90  
Large Size (60lbs-100lbs) $100-$120  
X-Large (More Than 100lbs) $130-$180  


The breed is one of the essential factors that affect the cost of dog grooming. Every breed has a unique method of care. So you have to also pay some extra money according to your dog’s breed. Let’s see the cost structure for a different breed of dogs.  

Breed Cost
Mini-dachshund, Yorkshire, Maltese, Pomeranian, Pug, Shih Tzu, Chihuahua, Lhasa Apso $30-$45
Dachshund, Toy Poodle, Corgi, Schnauzer, Wire Hair Terrier $55-$65
Scottish Terrier, Mini Aussie, Westie, Miniature Poodle, Mini Doodle $70-$85
Golden Retriever, Flat Coat Retriever, Australian Shepherd, Springer Spaniel, Lab Retriever $90-$110
Chow, Old English Sheepdog, Standard Poodle, Doodle, German Shepherd, Husky, Malamute $115-$125
Saint Bernard, Newfoundland, Portuguese Water Dog, Great Pyrenees, Air-dale $150-$200

Service Time:

If it takes more time than the cost of the dog, grooming price will be high. Dog groomers are very careful about the dog grooming services time. A professional dog groomer takes charges according to how much time he or she expends.

Other Client Factors: 

There are many other client factors that affect the cost of dog grooming. Like dog temper, types of dog coat (curly, silky, wiry, thick, and fluffy), holidays, service provider vendor, and many more. 


Now, you may get why dog grooming is more expensive? Dog groomers do many things that hairdressers never do for sure. But to keep your pet healthy and beautiful, there are no alternatives to grooming.

A professional groomer is well-known for his job. He can handle situations and know what to do. Spending money for a passionate groomer is appreciable.

Though grooming is expensive, it is essential for both the owner and the pet. Grooming a dog is difficult. It is risky too.

Groomers do many disgusting and dangerous things to keep you and your pet healthy. So, spending more money in honor of their job is worthwhile.

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