8 Reasons Why Having a Dog Is Good For Your Health?

Your pet dog is the best friend of your life. There is a better feeling when you see the smiling face of your furry after passing a busy day. It hasn’t to answer literally why having a dog is good for your health.

Your joyful mind will solve this. Life is quite good with your four-legged friend, togetherness. And so much research was conducted that sharing your emotions is also pretty good for your health and mind.

Evidence Of Benefits Of Having A Dog In Your Life

Swedish research says dog ownership can reduce heart disease. A study was conducted on 3.4 million people at the age of 40 to 80 and found that only a dog could minimize 23% death from heart disease.

Not only heart disease. Another study showed that owning a dog can mitigate depression and social isolation segregation.

These two are the most responsible factors for heart disease and untimely end. Blood circulation and pulse rate show better performances of pet dog owners.

So let’s see the details about having a dog is good for your health.

Comparison Between Dog Owners And Non-Dog Owners

Now it is proof that dog lovers have a lower stress level than the non-dog owners. Moreover, dog owners are more active than their counterparts. In 2017, research published an aged dog owner take 3000 more steps daily than the non-dog owner.

That means an older dog owner moves an extra 23 minutes per day. Undoubtedly it’s a massive exercise. The researchers of the University of Liverpool showed that a dog owner is four times healthier than a non-dog owner.

So you can easily understand that how dogs help us in everyday life. The reason behind the activeness of a dog owner is the furry forces him to get out of the room.

That study also says that pet dog owners walk more flexibly than non-dog owners. Researchers suggest that a canine can be the best instrument for daily exercise.

Most of the Journal shows that dog owners are frequently active even in the colder season. They don’t want to stay at the corner of their house.

Instead, they get out of their home and enjoy the outing with their tail-wagging puppy. But in the case of non-dog owners, it may not happen.

Being Active

A study was conducted on 3,123 persons who were at the age of 49 to 91 for 7 days. It’s quite older. But the outcome was fantastic.

The dog owners could move an additional 30 minutes daily than the non-dog owners even in the coldest and darkest season. Therefore, you can quickly realize that why having a dog is right for your health.

If you have a dog, you must have to walk, run, play, and move. And one thing is very important that you have to regularly groom your dog. Dog grooming makes your dog more healthy and energetic.

It gives you an excuse to do these. And we know the benefits of proper exercise for our mental and physical health.  

Mental Health Benefits Of Owning A Dog

A furry is your best companion. Your puppy can help to improve your mood with joy and mitigate depression of yours. It also helps to raise your tranquillity level within 15 to 30 minutes.

Tove Fall is an epidemiologist. He studied that there was a hugely positive result of having a pet dog of people living single. 

Protection From Heart Disease 

Dog ownership can reduce the cholesterol and triglyceride levels. A vast study was conducted on this question and found that a dog owner had lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels than his counterpart.

Some research suggests that people with canine shows less cardiovascular reactions under pressure.

It means that their body and physiology is more active so that they can handle stress. A dog can boost your mood and may extend yourselves and fewer heart attacks.

Detection of Carcinogenic Diseases

Some dogs can be able to detect cancer disease in our body part, for example, breast, colon, skin, lung, bladder, and ovarian cancer. Only the specially groomed canines can detect those diseases.

Stress Relief     

Some research suggests that dogs have a peaceful effect on human and know how to keep our mind stress free. Always a pet dog tries to entertain you.

Helps in Weight Loss

In 2010, a study discovered that a person who walked with his pooch five times a week. Over the course of a year, he lost 14.4 pounds.

Improvement of Social Life

Now it is nearly impossible to get out and meet relatives and neighbors. But it easier for a dog owner.

Because every day, they go out for walking and gossip with another owner. Thus an excellent social bonding is built.

Most importantly, we have to welcome a pooch in our lives. Because they instantly give us calm and joy that we have to pay more to get it. Now it is a bright idea why having a dog is good for your health?


Dogs are not only incredibly friendly and often very loveable. It is an excellent companion to shape up our physical health.

You haven’t to think about how a dog helps us in everyday life and why having a dog is right for your health. Your puppy will make clear about this automatically.    

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